Experience the hyper casual game of Kubez cubing.

Face new cubing challenges with our uniquely alternative speed cubing puzzle game.

Rotate the cube, allowing the mini cube to zip around, highlighting the active squares. Highlight all the squares to complete the cube in the quickest time.

Improve your skills to reduce your time. Challenge your friends by sharing screenshots.

Alternatively, achieve a personal best with Blast our countdown cube.

There are three challenging levels of play to choose from in each game, knocking seconds off your available time to complete the cube before it explodes!


Kubez 360 Available Now
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Bubble Drop

A number of unique challenges await you in our addictive bubble sort game.

Release the balls, use the touch push boxes and slides to navigate the bubbles through the labyrinth of obstacles sorting the them into the correct order before they ultimately reach the bottom: destiny is in your hands.

Loose points if you place the bubbles in the wrong order: win and move on to the next level. With an infinite number replays the best solution for each level is out there !    You just need to find it.

Following each level you can view the current stat's for your game so you can screenshot and check your improvements or compete against your friends.

Complete all levels to examine how your stat's compare to the perfect score.

How difficult could it be?

Bubble Drop Available Now
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