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About us
Established in 2018 by Stephen Yates, an  inventor of apparatus games with a passion for creating  games that incorporate creative  mechanics.
Like all game designers, our aim is to create  something unique offering immersive game play together with with the  essential hooks that make our games fun to play.
Finally emerging from the onset of COVID-19
We are now in a position to rekindle our journey; we have reignited the fuse that will bring forward the further development of our future concepts.
Forever changing landscapes; we are developing our digital developments to expand our range.


Playkit Concepting

We enjoy what we do and go to great lengths in deciding which concepts are good enough to bring forward and investing the vast amount of prototyping time that is required in order to convert them into a high-quality, innovative product.

Constantly seeking out ways to create the right balance of mechanics with a flow that makes the games both thought-provoking and fun to play.

As a joinery manufacturer, we assess which projects can be manufactured in-house and which will require us to seek further collaboration and expertise via licensing.

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Senryaku (Japanese for Strategy)

Outmanoeuvre your opponent using dexterity across a constantly changing playing surface, forcing your adversary to make mistakes with the main proviso.


 Fizz Bang Team Assembled

All our Senryaku games are manufactured in our own workshop, combining the latest precision CNC routing technology with our handcrafted finishing department.
Selecting the materials we use to manufacture our products is essential in order to create a tactile product complemented by aesthetically pleasing marbles.


Fizz Bang Creative

We are a lively bunch, each with our own respective area of talent. We are a group of designers from various backgrounds, each developing their own individual concepts.

Collectively, being part of a group, we can offer and receive a level of feedback or expertise in a vast range of areas that will help in the further development of our individual projects while assisting each other to move forward.

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